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The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke

“The Neptune Project” by Polly Holyoke

Neptune Project

A written review by Jenny

In the not so distant future when the land masses are slowing sinking into the sea, Nere spends her time training dolphins with her marine biologist mother. Nere has never had the stamina for sports except when she swimming.  Their idyllic life is compromised when Nere, along with her best friend Cam, uses her dolphin pod to rescue smugglers. This leads to a crackdown by the government which means the end of her mother’s research and Nere’s work with the dolphins.

When the soldiers come to the village, Nere’s mother finally tells her that she has been genetically altered to survive under the ocean.  With a final dose of medication, Nere and two others in her village manage to make it to the ocean to begin a journey to Safe Harbor, a place where there will be others like them and they will be safe. Nere and her group suffer through learning to eat raw fish, avoiding the boats that are hunting them as well as negotiating with other groups of similar children and betrayals big and small.

Lots of action and well developed characters. Readers will be routing for Nere and her group. Good character development including those of the dolphin pod that helps sustain the children as the live in the ocean.  If you read this book – remember to breathe….

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