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The Prince of Mist or, He was *mostly* dead

The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Author website


Gay Teen Literature

Extended Topic Resources

Last Words
Bull-E 2010 – The new world of online cruelty” by Emily Bazelon, A series of articles on bullying and Phoebe Prince.
Will by Maria Boyd


Forever Young Adult
@4everYA on Twitter
@librainiac on Twitter

Cathie Sue
Horning, Kathleen T. From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children’s Books. New York: Collins, 2010. Print.

Pitt, Brad, Edward Norton, Carter H. Bonham, David Fincher, and Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club. Burbank, CA: 20th Century Fox, 2002.
When a ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a soap salesman channel their aggression into therapeutic “fight clubs”, an eccentric woman gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.

Palahniuk, Chuck. Fight Club. New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 1996. Print
The rise of a terrorist organization led by a waiter who enjoys spitting in people’s soup. He starts a fighting club, where men bash each other, and the club quickly gains in popularity. It becomes the springboard for a movement devoted to destruction for destruction’s sake.

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  1. August 11, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    thanks for the shout-out, ladies!! you KNOW we would love to hit a bar with you and convo it up about YA anytime! and if you come to BEA next year, you gotta stop by one of our Cocktail Panels…

  2. Karl
    September 9, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    Whoa! Celebrity commentary. We’re hitting the big time! 🙂

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