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Sequoyah Goes Lesesne

Dr. Teri Lesesne

Dr. Teri Lesesne

Dr. Teri Lesesne (rhymes with “insane”) visited with the 2014 Sequoyah Reading Teams for orientation Friday, May 4, 2012. In this meeting Dr. Lesesne was interviewed in the style of James Lipton’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. Armed with purple note cards, a microphone and an audience we covered topics from her favorite books as a child, what she learned on her first teaching job, the origin of “Professor Nana”, and her favorite curse word.

Dr. Lesesne speaks to the Sequoyah Reading Teams

Dr. Lesesne is a professor at Sam Houston State University in Austin, TX. She teaches classes in literature for children and young adult in the Department of Library Science. We were honored to have her and to share this interview with you.

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