2012 6 PB Review Round 2 – CYAPodcast

2012 6 PB Review Round 2


Z is for Moose” by Kelly Bingham, illus by Paul O. Zelinsky
Chloe and the Lion” by Mac Barnett, illus by Adam Rex
The Wind That Wanted to Rest” by Sheldon Oberman, Neil Waldman and Peninnah Schram
Boy + Bot” by Ame Dyckman, illus by Dan Yaccarino
Yes, Yes Yaul” by Jef Czekaj
*“Let’s Go Baby-O” by Janet and Andrew McLean

*We weren’t able to read this book in time for the podcast. It is slated for the next set of PB reviews.

All recommendations are on the CYA Podcast Pinterest board
Cathie Sue

**In July we are taking a break recording podcasts. We will resume in August.**

Upcoming books:
“Mighty Miss Malone” by Christopher Paul Curtis
“The False Prince” by Jennifer A. Nielson

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