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Super Human by Michael Carroll


A written review by Adrienne

“Super Human” by Michael Carroll

Krodin came to Earth 4,500 years ago and with lots of slashing and gashing brutally ruled our world until he suddenly vanished to reappear in present day. It was the Helotry who caused Krodin’s magical feat, a fanatic group who created a plague that only affects adults in their attempt to align themselves with the evil warrior. It’s left up to a group of super-powered teens to save the world.

This is an action-packed book that starts and ends with a bang. The story rollicks along with Carroll’s amusing characters. Part X-Men, part Michael Grant’s “Gone” series and all action, action, action. This is book 4 in a series: “The Quantum Prophecy / The Awakening”; “Sakkara / The Gathering’; “Absolute Power / The Reckoning”; “The New Heroes: Superhuman”, “Super Human”; ‘The Ascension”; “Stronger.” A fast exciting read for middle grade and up.

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