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Snack Time for Confetti by Kali Stileman

Snack Time for Confetti

“Snack Time for Confetti” by Kali Stileman

A written review by Adrienne

In the jungle little Confetti is hungry. With Mama not nearby, Confetti wonders what other animals like to eat.  She visits with each animal who in turn, from Jemima Giraffe (leaves), Zoey Zebra (grass) and Madison Monkey (nuts), tells Confetti what their favorite food is. These suggestions do not sit well with Confetti who is hungry but not hungry enough to try something that doesn’t sound good.

This picture book in an exploration into favorite foods that not only animals but people have. Readers to young children can share their own favorite foods and why they like them. Recommended for Pre-K and up.

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