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Tuesdays At the Castle by Jessica Day George

“Tuesdays At the Castle” by Jessica Day George

Tuesdays At the Castle

A written review by Jenny

Castle Glower has a life of its own. Every Tuesday it grows new rooms, secret passages and sometimes creates new wings. Only Princess Celie takes the time to map the changes in the castle.

Celie’s parents and older brother disappear when returning from the wizard’s university. Celie her older sister Lilah and the crown prince Rolph must protect the castle from the encroaching Prince Kelsh who has infiltrated the councilors and plots to kill Rolph.

Celie is a delightfully fresh and inventive character with lots of spunk! With help from the Castle, Celie and her siblings plan what they can do until the parents and brother are found. This had well rounded characters, delightfully unusual setting and lots of action to move the story along. Can’t wait until for next rollicking adventure “Wednesdays at the Castle” available now.

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