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Pretty Penny Makes Ends Meet by Devon Kinch

Pretty Penny Makes Ends Meet

A written review by Adrienne

Often children can feel helpless when it comes to family financial problems. Kinch’s story shows how being resourceful and using one’s talent may not solve the problem but can help ease a burden.

Sitting in her room, Penny hears a boom and she and Bunny rush down to the basement to find it flooding with water. Poor Bunny has spent is worried about going over her repair budget to get it fixed. Penny figures out a way she can help by using her talents. She purchases some items and uses found materials to make jewelry and other decorative clothing. After a good day of selling, Penny is successful in helping Bunny.

Kinch uses financial terms in a way that children can easily understand and learn. The story also shows that even though Penny didn’t come up with the full amount every little bit helps. Recommended for 2nd grade and up.


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