The Witch’s Curse by Keith McGowan – CYAPodcast

The Witch’s Curse by Keith McGowan

The Witch's Curse

A written review by Jenny

Witch’s Curse by Keith MCGowen is another funny hair-raising adventure based on the Brothers Grimm folktale Brother and Sister. Sol and Connie- who were almost EATEN in The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children—are fleeing Grand Creek before the witches cronies can find them. They jump on the bus to the next town and all seems well until the bus breaks down.

Connie has to do some business and they soon find themselves lost in THE forest. It isn’t long before they meet a cursed hunter, a kindly forest ranger (or is she?) an unexpected witch, a mysterious elk, and a vegetarian. Connie and Sol have to use their wits to break the curse of the enchanted forest and escape the evil witch.  Can’t wait for Sol and Connie’s next adventure.

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