HamCYAPodcast – Part One – CYAPodcast

HamCYAPodcast – Part One














Big pile of books! We review and discuss as many books as we could get our happy little hands on that connect to the Hamilton Musical. So awesome, right? Yes!

There are two parts to this podcast. Make sure you download and listen to both!

This is an annotated list of books discussed on the podcast. Let us know on Facebook any titles we overlooked. This list covers parts one and two of the podcast. HamCYAPodcast All The Books! [PDF]

The Internet Combined Game of Thrones and Hamilton and It’s Perfect” by Terri Schwartz. IGN.

Ham4Ham – Videos of the cast performing on the street outside the Rodger Theatre.

My Spock” – Hamilton/Star Trek Parody on YouTube

“Astonishing Life of Octavia Nothing” by M. T. Anderson

Last Five Years” movie with a storyline similar to Angelica Schuyler

1776″ musical

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