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Next Big Thing in YA

The podcast groups was asked by retired librarian now current YA author Patrick Jones what we thought the next big thing will be for young adult literature. Well, we had a lot to say. Take a listen or watch the video. It’s all good stuff!


You’ll Like It Here (Everybody Does) by Ruth White

“You’ll Like It Here (Everybody Does)” by Ruth White

You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does)

A written review by Jenny

Ruth Whites, dystopia, “You‘ll Like it Here (Everybody Does)”, tackles the themes of intolerance and repression. Meggie Blue seems like an average kid with a regular family, but when the neighbors come to terrorize them because she is different, Meggie’s family flees from them in an unusual way.

The Blue’s unusual mode of transportation deposits them in Fashion City, a community were being unique is a crime. The Blues are desperate to fit in until they can figure out where to go. In the meantime, they make friends and try to keep away from the tranquilizing “Lotus” given away at every trip to the grocery store that turns the populace into sheep. Lots of action keeps the reader turning the pages.