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Hold a Tick: Indi Reviews

Hold a tick. We’ve go indi reviews ready for you now.

Jenny – “Saved by the Boats: The Heroic Sea Evacuation of September 11” by Julie Gassman and illustrated by Steve Moors – “Dragons vs. Drones” by Wesley King

Cathie Sue – “Skunked: Calpurnia Tate: Girl Vet” and “Counting Sheep: Calpurnia Tate: Girl Vet” by Jacqueline Kelly

Kelly – “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” by Jack Thorne

Karl – Carla Hayden, Librarian of Congress [image from] – “Bright April” by Marguerite De Angeli

Adrienne – “Finders Keepers” by Roy Deering – “Extraordinary Jane” by Hannah E. Harrison – “Chukfi Rabbit’s Big Bad Bellyache” by Greg Rodgers and illustrated by Leslie Stall Widener2016 Reading Roundup Double “R” Author Tour

All Kinds of War: Indi Reviews


“There are all kinds of war” our individual reviews.

Kelly – “The Last Dragon” by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay
Karl – “A Tan and Sandy Silence” by John D. MacDonald, including two more Travis McGee booksJenny – “Night Gardener ” by Terry Fan and Eric Fan
Adrienne – “Bird & Diz” by Gary Golio and Ed Young

Shorty: Six Picture Books


“Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth” by Sanjay Patel and Emily Haynes
“Rude Cakes” by Rowboat Watkins
“Ask Me” by Bernard Waber and Suzy Lee
“The Bear Ate Your Sandwich” by Julia Sarcone-Roach
“It Could Always Be Worse” retold by Margot Zemach
“Trombone Shorty” by Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and Bryan Collier

Swimmy by Leo Lionni


A written review by Adrienne

Swimmy by Leo Lionni

There is strength in friendship.

Swimmy looks different from the fish he plays with. This is not an issue as they all enjoy each other’s company. One day while playing a big fish comes along and starts eating the little fish. Only Swimmy is able to escape this fate. As he swims along he starts exploring his environment. He learns about different kinds of fish noting their range of size and color.

In his exploration Swimmy discovers a new school of fish. He is ready to play but the other fish are too scared because of the bigger fish they will prey on them. Swimmy uses his new-found knowledge and gets the small fish to band together so the big fish will leave them alone. This is a wonderful story about friendship, loss and learning to work as a team. Recommended for Pre-school and up.

That Is Not a Good Idea! by Mo Willems

That Is Not a Good Idea!

A written review by Adrienne

That Is Not a Good Idea!

A written review by Adrienne

Willems rewrites an old version of a folktale with a twist. The story of Fox and Goose is told in style of an old black-and-white movie. The text is separated from the illustrations using white lettering, black background and framed. All that’s missing is the dramatic piano music. The illustrations make the most of two-shots and close-ups.

Fox meets Goose on the street and asks her to go on a stroll with him. Goose acquiesces and Fox leads her into the woods. In the woods is his house where Fox requests Goose’s help in making soup. They both determine a key ingredient is missing. What happens next is both surprising, funny and demands an immediate re-read to find the clues hidden in the story. Readers may think Goose is too gullible and agrees too quickly to Fox’s requests. Her replies are always in close-up showing vulnerability and innocence, worrying the reader about her inevitable outcome.

The tension is slowly ratcheted up by the chicks who adamantly exclaim throughout the story how each request by Fox is not a good idea. Williems’ talent is his sophisticated humor which he is able to make clear for children to understand and get without dumbing it down. Librarians can utilize call-and-response to really get the children involved in the story. Recommended for Pre-school and up.

The Witch’s Curse by Keith McGowan

The Witch's Curse

A written review by Jenny

Witch’s Curse by Keith MCGowen is another funny hair-raising adventure based on the Brothers Grimm folktale Brother and Sister. Sol and Connie- who were almost EATEN in The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children—are fleeing Grand Creek before the witches cronies can find them. They jump on the bus to the next town and all seems well until the bus breaks down.

Connie has to do some business and they soon find themselves lost in THE forest. It isn’t long before they meet a cursed hunter, a kindly forest ranger (or is she?) an unexpected witch, a mysterious elk, and a vegetarian. Connie and Sol have to use their wits to break the curse of the enchanted forest and escape the evil witch.  Can’t wait for Sol and Connie’s next adventure.

Six Folktale Picture Books

6 folktale picture books
“Nabeel’s New Pants” by Fawzia Gilani-Williams
“The Matatu” by Eric Walters
“The Boy From Dragon Palace” by Margaret Read MacDonald
“The Greedy Sparrow” by Lucine Kasbarian
“The Flying Canoe” by Eric Kimmel
“Little Sister and the Month Brothers” by Beatrice Schenk de Reginers

[My sincerest apologies for the mangling of Fawzia Gilani-Williams’s name during the podcast. Not only cannot I not type, I can’t proofread either. –Adrienne]

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Cathie Sue

Upcoming books:6 or 7 biography picture books
“Chuck Close: Face Book” by Chuck Close
“Barnum’s Bones: How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World” by Tracy Fern
“A Boy called Dickens” by Deborah Hopkinson
“Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child” by Susanna Reich
“Me ….Jane” by Patrick McDonnell
“Noah Webster and His Words” by Jeri Ferris

2012 6 Picture Books Review: Round One

The Prince's New Pet by Brian Anderson

The Prince’s New Pet” by Brian Anderson (book website)

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

“Extra Yarn” by Mac Barnett, illus by Jon Klassen (author website, illus website)

Cow's to the Rescue by John Himmelman

“Cow’s to the Rescue” by John Himmelman (author website)

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

“I Want My Hat Back” by Jon Klassen (author website)

Seven Fathers retold by Ashley Ramsden

“Seven Fathers” retold by Ashley Ramsden, illus by Ed Young (publisher website, illus website)

A Dog is a Dog by Steven Shaskan

“A Dog is a Dog” by Stephen Shaskan (author website)

All recommendations are on the CYA Podcast Pinterest board
Cathie Sue