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Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly


A written review by Adrienne

“Revolution” by Jennifer Donnelly

Clinically depressed from the accidental death of her little brother for which she feels responsible, Andi, a genuinely talented guitarist, is failing prep school and doing her best to help her mother who is having a mental breakdown over the loss. Enter aloof, distant Nobel-prize winning father who in one fell swoop commits his ex-wife to an institution and takes Andi to Paris over Christmas break where he continues his groundbreaking genetic research. Pissed off and angry at her father and her situation Andi figures out the quickest way to get away from him is to give him what he wants: her senior thesis on an obscure 18th century guitarist. Her research uncovers a diary written by Alexandrine Paradis a companion to the last and lost dauphin who is also the subject of Andi’s father’s project.

Historical facts from the French Revolution and a musical journey not typically seen in young adult books are expertly weaved into Andi’s and Alexandrine’s stories of anger, devotion, promises and redemption. Donnelly’s Andi is sarcastic and smart and Alexandrine is independent and willful making them both characters readers can relate. Check out Donnelly’s website for a playlist which allows the listener exploration as many titles are not to a particular song, just to the artist or band. Recommended for High School and up.

The Mighty Miss Malone

The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis

The Mighty Miss Malone” by Christopher Paul Curtis

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Never Fall Down & Bitterblue

Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick

“Never Fall Down” by Patricia McCormick

NPR interview with McCormick and Arn Chorn-Pond

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Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

“Bitterblue” by Kristin Cashore

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“The Mighty Miss Malone” by Christopher Paul Curtis

Midnight Zoo & Going Underground or, We Bought an Underground Zoo!

Midnight Zoo by Sonya Hartnett

“Midnight Zoo” by Sonya Hartnett (author’s website)


“Going Underground” by Susan Vaught (author’s website)

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Red Glove or, The Devil Inside

Red Glove by Holly Black

Red Glove by Holly Black (author’s website)

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