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Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi


“The Office” parkour scene

Chasing Shadows” by Swati Avasthi

Me, Myself, and Ike” by K. L. Denman

Challenger Deep” by Neal Shusterman

As I Crawl Through It” by A. S. King

Arrow” TV show

Run Lola Run” Film

Small As An Elephant by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

“Small As An Elephant” by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Small As An Elephant

A written review by Jenny

Jennifer Richard Jacobson’s Small as an Elephant is eye opening look at mental illness and how it can affect children. Eleven–year- old Jack wakes up the first day of a camping trip with his mom only to find that she has left and taken everything with her. Not the first time this has happened, Jack feels he just needs to find her before someone realizes he is alone.

With nothing but a small plastic elephant to keep him company, Jack must survive on his own, refusing help from anyone who might guess his secret. Jack must come to terms with his mother’s illness and his own part in exacerbating her symptoms and ask for the help he needs.

Jack is inventive and he becomes ever more so during the desperate hunt for his mother.  Jack is fully realized and perhaps acts a bit old for 11, the adults a little-too-hands off, but the story ends in a realistic but satisfying manner.