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When Everything Feels Like the Movies by Raziel Reid

We review “When Everything Feels Like the Movies” by debut and winner of the Canadian Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature author, Raziel Reed. Interview with “The National” available on YouTube

Karl’s read alike recommendation: “Sprout” by Dale Peck

Fairies: Indi Review

One emotion at a time. Here are our indi reviews.

Adrienne – Slate’s doubleX Podcast on the Panoply Network (warning this podcast is intended for mature audiences)

Karl – “House of Leaves: A Novel” by Mark Z. Danielewski

Kelly – author Nnedi Okorafor. Books mentioned during the podast: “Akata Witch,” “Zahrah the Windseeker,” “Shadow Speaker,” “Kabu Kabu,” “Who Fears Death,” and “Lagoon.” Visit Okorafor’s website for more of her books with annotations.


Kiss the Horse: Indi Reviews

We are so much better than kissing a horse. Less whiskers. Our indi reviews.

Karl – “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus” by Charles C. Mann
Jenny – “Wild Things” by Clay Carmichael
Adrienne – Rory Gilmore’s reading list

Lucky Ducklings: A True Rescue Story by Eva Moore and Nancy Carpenter

Lucky Ducklings

“Lucky Ducklings: A True Rescue Story” by Eva Moore and Nancy Carpenter

A written review by Adrienne

On a small island, in a small town, in a small park on a small pond lives Mama Duck, and her ducklings: Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin and Little Joe. One day Mama Duck decides to go for a walk but not in the park but into the town. As she leads the way her baby ducklings follow behind.

As Mama Duck walks she crosses a storm drain. As the ducklings follow her one-by-one they fall down the drain into the water below. It is the families quack cries that alert the town. The fireman try to open the grate but to no avail. Can Perry, a man with a truck and a cable line help?

There is brief tension built on whether the ducks will make it out of the storm drain and be reunited with Mama. For parents this is wonderful opportunity to talk about the ducks and how help can be found. Recommended for Kindergarten and up.